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Monday, August 6, 2007

24 Hours Pay Cheque

I had once attended a course about 7 habits of effective individuals, although the course was not as fruitful as I anticipated, but the presenter brought out something very interesting.

He mentioned that god (although my faith is not Christianity), gives us a "24 hours pay cheque" every day, and you are unable to deposit this pay cheque. Therefore you should maximize the time spent everyday to be as fruitful as possible.

Sounds interesting!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Do-it or Not-do-it?

As I was picking some presentation skills from the book "Presentation Skills For Quivering Wrecks" by Bob Etherington, for my personal knowledge, I came across a small portion of the book that is interesting.
It is a 5 pointer that whenever you are unsure of taking a leap to the next step, you can refer to it. This is useful when we need to make decisions in life or make changes.
Write down all the benefits of NOT taking action.
  • Write down all the benefits of taking action.
  • Write down all the costs of NOT taking action.
  • Write down all the costs of taking action.
  • Keep going. Don't stop until the benefits of taking action outweigh the benefits of NOT taking action by 10 to 100 times and the costs of NOT taking action outweigh the cost by 10 to 100 times.
It's something logical and makes the mind workout the cause and effects before making a decision. Though it seemed like a hard line approach on the last point but it sure is a good one for procrastinators.

Message: Introduction

After a prolong struggle and debate in my own brain, I decided to replace the content of the blog from logging of my website setups to about personal developement. This is something that I feel I can share with you and make you successful (and sociable) in your life.